Limit Switch

082450 SN02D12-502-MC1688


  • Plunger spacing 12 or 16 mm
  • Upright housing, small flange
  • Degree of protection IP67 according to IEC 60529
  • LED function display optional

Switching elements

ES 502 E Snap-action switching contact 1 NC + 1 NO

ES 508 Slow-action switching contact 1 NC

ES 514 Snap-action switching contact 1 NC + 1 NO

On the usage of safety switching elements, the dog distance must be maintained to achieve the positively driven travel. The dogs must be positively mounted according to EN 1088, i.e. riveted, welded or secured in some other way against becoming loose.

LED function display (optional)

Function displays are available for the following voltage ranges (see accessories)

LE024ge 24 V DC (for ES 514)

LE060 12 ... 60 V AC/DC

LE110 110 V AC ±15%

LE220 220 V AC ±15%

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